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First National Bank - Park Falls

Access your accounts after enrollment for Consumer Internet Banking

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What's New?

Important Information!! The First National Bank of Park Falls will never ask for confidential information through regular e-mail or via the phone.  If someone identifies himself or herself as a bank employee and asks for a password, pin or confidential information, they do not represent the bank! Reveal Nothing!


Effective April 21, 2014, the image and passphrase will no longer be displayed on the password page.  Your accounts will continue to be protected through advanced device forensics that seamlessly authenticate you computer and various devices.   

 On May 29, 2013 we are excited to launch a new and enhanced version of our consumer bill pay product through Checkfree.  We are adding bill payment for small business customers at the same time.  With the new Online Bill Pay, you'll have access to these great features:

  • Search for vendors - Add new vendors simply by typing in the company name.  If a match is found in the database, the vendor's information will be added automatically.
  • Schedule payments by the due date - The product allows you to enter the date you would like your vendor to receive your payment, and we take care of getting it there on time!
  • Keep your money with you - Your money will remain in your bank account until the day you select the payment be made to your vendor.
  • Set up reminders - Never make a late payment again!  When you set up reminders, you'll receive a message telling you when your payment is due.
  • Pay from mutiple checking accounts - Choose which checking account to pay your bills from.
  • Make recurring payments - This is a great option for payments that don't change from month to month - such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • Popmoney P2P (personal payment) - Allows you to 'Pay Other People', anywhere, anytime, using only the recipient's email address, mobile number or bank account.
  • Account to Account A2A - Allows you a digital channel to transfer money between your account at our bank and accounts at other institutions.   

To Better Serve You -- EFFECTIVE February 2, 2013 -- We are opening the South Branch Lobby and Drive-In to cover Saturday transactions.  The Drive-In and Walk-up downtown will be closed effective February 2, 2013.

 NOTICE:  Our debit card risk office has identified a continuing fraud trend involving activity at iTunes.  The First National Bank will therefore be blocking transactions from iTunes.


First National Bank - Park Falls
First National Bank - Park Falls
First National Bank - Park Falls
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