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First National Bank - Park Falls

Access your accounts after enrollment for Consumer Internet Banking

Access ID:

Important Information on Identity Theft

Important Information!! The First National Bank of Park Falls will never ask for confidential information through regular e-mail or via the phone.  If someone identifies himself or herself as a bank employee and asks for a password, pin or confidential information, they do not represent the bank! Reveal Nothing!

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, affecting approximately 5 percent of the population. For a wide range of helpful information if you become a victim visit Independent Community Bankers of America.

Multi-factor Authentication for your added security! 

Here's what to expect when it's time to enroll:

  • Log in by entering only your Access ID
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Enter your current password
  • Click SUBMIT

Complete the Enrollment form:

  1. Provide a current e-mail address
  2. Provide answers to three challenge questions that you pick
  3. Select if you are using your personal computer, or a public computer (It is highly recommended to enroll with your personal computer)
  4. Click SUBMIT

After the enrollment process this is what to expect:

  • Log in by entering your Access ID
  • Click SUBMIT
  •      1.  If you are logging on from a public computer you will be asked one of your security questions.
                   2.  If you are logging on from a personal computer you will be prompted for your password. 
  • Then enter your password.  (If you have any questions, contact The First National Bank of Park Falls at 715-762-2411 for assistance.)
  • Click SUBMIT

First National Bank - Park Falls
First National Bank - Park Falls
First National Bank - Park Falls
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