Personal Checking

For most people, some type of checking account is probably the most basic, frequently used financial service available.

Check Reorder 1Check Reorder 2When you shop around to see what's being offered, we think you'll find that dealing with our dedicated staff just might be one of the best moves you can make.

First, our services give you the opportunity to earn interest on the amount deposited...and we offer some of the most competitive rates and reasonable fees available.

Plus, we work with you to help select the option best suited to your financial situation and lifestyle. Please be assured that all our accounts are designed for total ease and convenience.

Let us introduce you to our several checking accounts available for you to choose from. We're confident you'll find just the ones you're looking for!

Your checking account statement along with check images will be produced and available to you monthly.

Here is a list of Checking Accounts available for you to choose from: 

Personal Checking Account

The personal checking account has three levels of account balances that you can maintain for a totally free account, if truncated.

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Personal Health Account

Contributions to an HSA may be made by any person (an employer, a family member, or any person) on behalf of an eligible individual. You must deposit $100.00 to open the account. Tiered interest rate, based on account balance.

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NOW Account

The NOW account pays you interest on balances $1,000.00 and over.

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SNOW Account

The SNOW account is for customers who maintain $2,500.00 and over.

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MMDA Account

Our MMDA account is available for anyone, however restrictions apply. This is the only checking account offered to corporations and partnerships. The account needs to maintain $2,500.00 and over.

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