Commercial Checking

Account Information

The Commercial Checking Accounts of The First National Bank of Park Falls follow these service charges:

  • A maintenance charge of $10.00 per month
  • $0.25 per check/debit
  • $0.10 credit per each $100.00 average available balance
  • Checks deposited to your account that are charged back will be service charged $20.00 per check.
  • Overdrafts are as follows: $30.00 per check if we pay the item - $25.00 per check if we do not pay the item
  • Rolled coin charge may apply

Business Online

We have a product called Business Online. This is our Commercial Internet Banking product that can offer many financial solutions for your business. Here are some of the highlights Business Online can offer:

  • Business Online maintenance charge of $15.00 per month.
  • Summary - The summary displays a list of all accounts associated with your corporate access ID and password.
  • Account Inquiry - The account inquiry provides all the pertinent information needed for up-to-the-minute decision making.
  • Account List - All your corporate accounts are conveniently listed in your account list.
  • Funds Management Transfer List - The funds transfer list conveniently provides a list of all an employee’s pre-defined fund transfers associated to designated corporate accounts.
  • Funds Management Transfers Issued - You can view a list of all fund transfers issued by selecting transfers issued.
  • File Management - The file transfer list conveniently displays all of your designated file transfers (i.e. Payroll Files, Direct Deposit Files).  Additional charges apply.
  • Administration - Several ways to designate employees level of security and access levels.
  • Balances - The balance tab provides quick access for balance information.
  • Transactions - The transactions tab provides a detailed view of transactions. You can search for specific transaction research. You can search and view specific images using the check amount and number.
  • Stop Payments - Can issue stop payments, see a list of all stop payments, and search for active stop payments.  Additional charges apply.
  • Merchant Capture - Ability to deposit checks from your business location.  Additional charges apply.

To gain access to our Business Online product, please contact the First National Bank of Park Falls and a Business Online Internet Banking Specialist will be happy to set up your business. Your access ID and password will be established at that time to use with our new product.


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