Other Services

Additional Services Include:

  • ATM-Park Falls Main Office-South Branch Drive Up-Phillips Branch Drive Up
  • Internet Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Direct Deposit-Available for recurring deposits
  • Bank by Mail-When you are unable to come into our office
  • Night Deposit-For before and after hours. Park Falls Main Office, South Branch & Phillips Office
  • Safe Deposit Boxes-Provide a private and secure way to safeguard your valuable items and documents. Park Falls Main Office & Phillips Office
  • FREE Notary Public Service-Offered as a convenience
  • Guarantee Medallion Stamp
  • Fax Machine Usage-Sending or receiving a fax is available at all locations
  • Photocopies-Available at all locations
  • Land Contracts-We set up the collection fee schedule and accept payments
  • VISA Platinum-Available
  • Wire Transfers-Receiving or sending funds to another part of the country
  • Coin Counters-For quick, accurate coin counting
  • Money Orders-Personal, bank
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Telephone Transfers
  • Reverse Mortgage-Come see a Loan Officer for details


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